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Friday, April 1, 2011

swit buddy

tgn tgh gatalll abess
n out of sudden pas borak ngan asuu tringat kat sume member swit buddyy

                                                                     the vacation  <3

introducing from our teenage year start 13 years old,we all met n our heart have been closed to be a perfect match buddy eva!~

10 of us*ckop utk gossping*haha

ditiop angin*neyney kiut sgt la tuh?*haha


swit buddy in a swit moment

dinner in one big table

kaki posing sume tnpe terkecuali

the best part n moment is


girls,aq SUPER rindu kat kaw org sume lahhh SWIT BUDDY
rindu gler mase pg2 dulu sarapan same2
rindu sangat mse lunch pun same2 wlaupon klass da tak same since upper form
rindu nk mati mse dinner where everybody will shout out loud calling each name to take our dinner togethet in 10 walaupun sgt susah obviously..haha
banyaak sgt memori kte membesa bersame,,*taching*
nty kte mkn mnom sesame ag eh
nty kte tdo sesame ag eh
nty kte gossip sesame eh
nty kte mmekak ag eh
nty kte reunion ag ehh


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zyraluqesra said...

dulu skolah kat mana nih??? teruja tgk =)