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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Anda Bagi Gambar , Prince Bagi RM50 !!!

hahh huii
ny ny pess time join contest nyh
what whisper me to join is BACK TO SCHOOL TIME !!

 contest by prince (bukan sebarang prince katenye) haha

oke here's the most memorable picture mase skolahh dulu

ahh,gile tak gile lah time tuh
matahari pnoh vitamin C tgah dok panas memanchoor
kitorang dok baring gembire rie amek amek gambar
time tu kalau ade warden asrama maw kene hambat ngan ranting *eh,ade ke hambat pky ranting?*
this is the most precious time,the most precious friend and the most PERFECT heart of ours

i love my adorable SWIT BUDDY

ehh,rindu sangatt tetibe ngan mereka <3
i wish to get back on this moment

till then,
wish to win,,hihihi
 jgn lupe terbangkan rockett akuu


candybiru said...

me too..i really miss my best friend..=( plus during this moment..

fazrenaaliani said...

yeaa :)

ame elms ! said...

hey there .

nice pictures yaw . wish you all the best and good luck ! :D

ohh take care and have a great day ahead ya . :)